For over 40 years, Merlin Leisure Pools has earned it's reputation as one of the country's leading names in Sales, Servicing and Repairs of Pools and Spas  



Merlin supply and fit an expansive range of In-ground and above-ground Pools and Spa's



We offer an efficient and advanced servicing package and a dedicated, competent maintenance and repair service



 You will find a wide range of pool and spa chemicals at our ‘one stop’ shop conveniently located in Leicester.

I have been using Merlin products and services for more than 2 years. The quality of service is very good. I am a swimming teacher and pool operator at a private swimming pool. It is always good to feel backed up when I am dealing with crisis with the water, such as when the filter is not working properly or the pump needs attention or there is a chemical imbalance. On all these occasions I have counted with a friendly voice on the other side guiding me though how to proceed with the operation step by step. I highly recommend Merlin for their products and service.
— Tereza Beardsmore, swimming teacher and pool operator."

Keeping your pool fresh and clean...
that's Merlin Magic!


As the main contractor for many local authorities we service and repair all types of swimming pools from the smallest domestic units to large public outlets..

As a matter of course all pools need periodic servicing and at Merlin we maintain the highest standards to ensure that your pool stays in tip top condition.

We also offer a refurbishment service for any pools that have been neglected over time and require restoration such as Liner Replacement or Repaints.

Upgrades are an annual essential for Merlin as we attend Exhibits Europe-Wide for all the groundbreaking advancements. Ask us about this years High-Tech equipment.



Pool Rescue Service!

Have you taken on a property or pool that has irreversible Algae or weather damage ?

Do not worry, we can take your pool from Green-to-Clean in no time!


Special Service Packages

Our skilled service engineers can put your pool to bed for the winter or get it sparkling and fresh for the summer

Summerise Package - Opening  Pool

  • Remove winter debris cover

  • Super shock pool water

  • Adjust PH levels

  • Commission filtration and plant

  • Backwash rinse and clean out flow lines

  • Vac pool to waste

  • Clean pool cover, copings

  • Brush floor and walls

  • Check flow pump  

Winterise/ close down Pool  

  • Clean

  • Vac to waste

  • Dose

  • Fit winter cover

  • Super Shock pool water

  • Adjust PH levels

  • Drain down filtration, plant, boiler and all ABS pipe and pump

As an independant Academy we are proud to be associated with Merlin Pools, finding their staff and managers to be extremely professional, experienced and courteous. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
— Mike Groves. Site Manager Kirkby Muxloe Primary School

Everything your pool needs.
Come and see our extensive range of chemicals and accessories


Chemicals are an important part of keeping your pools in A1 condition and using the right ones is essential. Over the years we have researched many suppliers and now feel that our own brand, Merlin, offer the best combination of quality and cost



We stock the following Chemical Brands: 

Aquabanc - Aquasparkle - Bayrol - Blue Horizons - Blue Horizons Commercial - Fi-Chlor - Gold Horizons - Palintest Testing - Lovibond Testing - Merlin Own Label


  • Chlorine Tablets & Granules

  • Bromine

  • Shock Treatments

  • Water Balance

  • Speciality Products (eg Chlorine Reducer, Stain and Scale Inhibitors)

  • Clarifiers

  • Water Testing

  • Spa Cleaners and Specialities

  • Spa Aromatherapy


Our range of pool Accessories includes

  • Brushes

  • Vacuum Heads

  • Thermometers

  • Auto Pool Cleaners

  • Telescopic Poles

  • Nets

  • Pools Games

We're easy to find with no parking problems: 

Unit 35, Oswin Rd, Brailsford Industrial Park, Leicester LE3 1HR.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturdays 10am til 4pm April to September


Above Ground Pools,
 Merlin have just the pool package for you.


We sell a wide range of above ground pools starting from 8’ up to 18’in various styles, depths and shapes.  

Purchase and obtain expert advice for all your start up equipment and products, along with covers, ladders, pumps, filters, cleaning and maintenance kits and water treatment and testing products.  

We can advise you on the importance of circulation and filtration, water testing, balancing pool water and algae control.  

Our range of water treatment products will allow you to control bacteria, contamination, and PH levels effectively and safely


Water Treatment Products in stock:

 Water Balance

  • PH +  1KG

Shock Treatment

  • Granular Shock  650g

  • Rapid Shock  1 kg

    Algae Control

  • Longlife Algaecide 1LTR  

  • Sanitisation:

  • Chlorine Granules 1KG

  • Chlorine Multifunctional Small Tablets 1 KG


  • 3 way test strips for Chlorine, PH, Total Alkalinity

Merlin supplied us with a superb above ground splash pool and all the chemicals we needed to keep it clean and fresh. We have enjoyed a great summer and the kids really enjoyed it during the school holidays.
— Mrs Bone, Cheshire