Above Ground Pools,
 Merlin have just the pool package for you.


We sell a wide range of above ground pools starting from 8’ up to 18’in various styles, depths and shapes.  

Purchase and obtain expert advice for all your start up equipment and products, along with covers, ladders, pumps, filters, cleaning and maintenance kits and water treatment and testing products.  

We can advise you on the importance of circulation and filtration, water testing, balancing pool water and algae control.  

Our range of water treatment products will allow you to control bacteria, contamination, and PH levels effectively and safely


Water Treatment Products in stock:

 Water Balance

  • PH +  1KG

Shock Treatment

  • Granular Shock  650g

  • Rapid Shock  1 kg

    Algae Control

  • Longlife Algaecide 1LTR  

  • Sanitisation:

  • Chlorine Granules 1KG

  • Chlorine Multifunctional Small Tablets 1 KG


  • 3 way test strips for Chlorine, PH, Total Alkalinity

Merlin supplied us with a superb above ground splash pool and all the chemicals we needed to keep it clean and fresh. We have enjoyed a great summer and the kids really enjoyed it during the school holidays.
— Mrs Bone, Cheshire